Hiring an IT contractor is a difficult initiative, especially for businesses or managers inexperienced in the process. Many staffing agencies work as a communication barrier between the consultant and the client. This creates a complicated three party dynamic in which all involved distrust one another.

HDS works to break down the barrier rather than build them. Our staffing branch was built by consultants, for consultants. Candidate sourcing is much less expensive when the top talent is already in our network. Our cost savings mean less of a middle-man margin and three satisfied parties.

Our consultants work on-site or in our state-of-the-art development facility. SMB Clients find remote consulting to help avoid the cost and hassle of providing an on-site workspace, work station, development licenses, network bandwidth.

Database Developer
  • Implementing the data model required by the application that offers optimal performance
  • Creating schema objects and implementing rules for Implement integrity constraints in the server. Develop server-side PL/SQL or Java subprograms and client-side procedural code that use SQL statements
  • Instantiating applications in different databases for development, testing, education, and deployment in a production environment. Define clear performance goals and keep historical records of metrics.

Database Administrator
  • Installation, configuration and upgrading of Database server software and related products. Plan growth and changes (capacity planning)
  • Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures
  • Implementing and maintaining database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges)
  • Performing database tuning and performance monitoring. Setting up and maintaining documentation and standards
  • Performing general technical trouble shooting and give consultation to development teams
  • Interfacing with Database Vendor for technical support. Patch Management and Version Control

Data Modeler
  • Understanding and translating business needs into logical and physical data models supporting long-term; solutions using best practices to ensure high data quality and reduced redundancy. .
  • Working with the Application Development team to implement data strategies, build data flows and develop conceptual data models. Optimize and update logical and physical data models to support new and existing projects.
  • Developing best practices for standard naming   conventions and coding practices to ensure consistency of data models. Performing reverse engineering of physical data models from databases and SQL scripts.

ETL Developer
  • Designing all ETL procedures and architectures.
  • Monitoring data warehouse development and operations and provide subject matter expertise.
  • Analyzing large databases & data warehouse objects and recommending appropriate optimization for same.
  • Designing data models and defining both logical and physical models.
  • Designing various functional specifications for data.
  • Designing and implementing various unit tests on system and prepare test data.

Data Warehouse Architect
  • Establishing the long-term strategy and technical architecture as well as the short-term scope for a multi-phased data warehouse effort.
  • Defining key business drivers for the data warehouse initiative.
  • Delivering a project scope that directly supports the key business drivers
  • Defining the overall data warehouse architecture (e.g., ETL process, ODS, EDW, Data Marts). Defining technical requirements, technical and data architectures for the data warehouse
  • Designing and directing the ETL process, including data quality and testing. Defining meta data standards for the data warehouse. Directing the data warehouse meta data capture and access effort.
  • Directing the discovery process
  • Designing and directing the information access and delivery effort for the data warehouse. Defining and directing the implementation of security requirements for the data warehouse

Salesforce Dev./Admin.
  • Designing, developing, and implementing actionable reports and dashboard for Key Stakeholders Common views of pipeline, league tables, performance data for sales managers in TRUST and analytics to support sales management working very closely with strategic marketing and finance
  • Designing apex/vf custom controllers, workflow rules ( approval processes ), data flow and integration mechanics
  • Administration of users & their rights, Buildung Appexchange packages, modifying page layouts, creating email templates & list views, custom fields & objects , design Lead & case routing rules, add picklist values
  • Providing end user support on sales processes and tools. Driving Usage and Adoption of best practices. Instituting data Quality measures.

Business Analyst
  • Elicit requirements using interviews, document analysis, requirements workshops, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions, use cases, scenarios, business analysis, task and workflow analysis.
  • Critically evaluating information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level information into details, abstract up from low-level information to a general understanding, and distinguish user requests from the underlying true needs.
  • Proactively communicating and collaborating with external and internal customers to analyze information needs and functional requirements and delivering the following artifacts as needed: (Functional requirements (Business Requirements Document), iii. Use Cases, GUI, Screen   and Interface designs)
  • Collaborating with developers and subject matter experts   to establish the technical vision and analyze tradeoffs between usability and performance needs.

Reports/Dashboard Developer
  • Interacting with end-users to gather and document the reporting requirements and giving training to end users.
  • Dashboard administration - creating and managing users and groups, applications, security and right to the users.
  • Utilizing various features such as Pre-defined Filters, Prompts, Cross-Tab, Report Linking, sub-queries/ sub-reports, slice & dice, hierarchies, drill down, charts/ graphs, Report layout/ format features etc.
  • Profiling warehouse logical models, developing semantic layers, developing data integration methodology to extract source data. Experience with data profiling, transformations, loading target repositories and checking the data quality of the loaded data in the warehouse.
  • Using Database technologies including Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL server, MS Access and database objects such as Stored Procedure, Views

SharePoint Administrator
  • Creating new sites, site collections and lists, installing and manipulating web parts, and doing backups.
  • Creating BDC connections, managing shared service providers (SSP’s), creating InfoPath forms and integrating them into SharePoint.
  • Manage governance polices and permission groups. Solid understanding of IIS, Active directory and STSadm SharePoint command line parameters.

SharePoint Developer
  • Expert experience with .NET, XML/XSLT & windows   workflow foundations.
  • Solid understanding of C# and or VB.net and the SharePoint API as a whole.
  • Building workflows from a completely custom Visual studio direction as well as custom coding SQL and SQL server manipulation and maintenance are certainly highly sought after.

Sample of Past Clients